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In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of modern business, let alone the automotive repair industry, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives face numerous challenges that get in the way of their growth and success. Many of these challenges require strategic thinking, strong leadership, and innovative solutions. This is where a business coach can become an invaluable asset. Unfortunately, in the automotive repair industry, especially, many owners and entrepreneurs think they must figure things out themselves. Often this comes from the logical world of diagnosing and repairing an automobile. In a flat rate system, nobody was going to help me diagnose something they weren’t getting paid for – thus developed my “I can figure this out myself” attitude. That attitude, a benefit to creating tenacity and flat rate hours, is a detractor in the business world however. Time is money, and the more time you spend “figuring things out” the less money you’ll make.

A business coach is a professional who offers expert guidance, support, and accountability to help individuals and...


In today's competitive business landscape, finding and retaining skilled employees in the automotive repair industry can be challenging – to say the least! This is probably the number one pain of most of my clients. Additionally, the priorities and work-life balance preferences of different generations are evolving. Together, it’s adding up to a very different hiring landscape. To address these challenges and attract top talent, I believe it’s worth considering the implementation of a four-day work week. This blog post explores the benefits of transitioning to a shorter work week for employees (while the shop expands its days open to six days a week), including the difficulties of talent acquisition, changing attitudes towards work and free time, the advantages of maintaining six-day shop operations, and the communication challenges that may arise during the transition. This work schedule is called the 410.

The Challenge of Finding Skilled Employees:

As we’ve covered in other blogs, and you know well, the automotive repair...



Effective marketing strategies are essential for automotive repair shops to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and establish a strong presence in their community. This blog post explores the best marketing practices for automotive repair shops, focusing on website SEO, direct mail marketing, customer referral programs, customer loyalty programs, co-marketing within the community, community service events, open houses, monthly newsletters, and social media presence. It also delves into specific best practices within each category, such as leveraging video content, offering enticing referral incentives, and creating engaging newsletters to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

There’s a lot here that will be very foreign sounding. Use this article to familiarize yourself with what should be happening so that you can ask good questions. You don’t have to know everything about everything, but you should know enough to ask the question. This post will get you started on what you can do, let you know some about what should be done, and help form a...


Finding skilled and dedicated employees is a significant challenge for automotive repair shops seeking to fill positions such as technicians, service advisors, and receptionists. The market is as tight as I’ve ever seen it in my 34 years of industry experience. Unfortunately, there isn’t one single thing you can do to make it better for yourself. There also isn’t anything you’ll do today to alleviate your situation. There is however, a lot you can do to create a better employee situation over time – if you’re willing to put in the effort and be consistent.

To overcome the challenge of finding quality employees, and attract top talent, repair shops need to adopt effective recruitment strategies and best practices. Duh! This article explores various approaches, including the "grow your own" practice, mentor programs, leveraging the hospitality industry, utilizing internet-based hiring resources, creating attractive compensation plans, implementing employee referral programs, conducting direct mail campaigns, and maintaining a proactive recruitment mindset. None, of these, by...


Automotive repair shops play a vital role in keeping vehicles on the road and ensuring their optimal performance. Owners of automotive repair shops face various challenges, including rising operational costs, intense competition, and constantly evolving customer expectations. To thrive in this competitive industry, automotive repair shops must effectively manage their finances and maximize their profitability. Gross profit, a key financial metric, holds significant importance for the success and sustainability of an automotive repair shop. This article explores the reasons why gross profit is crucial and highlights strategies that repair shops can employ to enhance their gross profit margins.

Understanding Gross Profit

Gross profit represents the revenue generated from a business's core operations minus the direct costs associated with producing or delivering the goods or services. Put simply, the gross profit calculation is nothing more than revenue minus cost-of-goods-sold. In the context of an automotive repair shop, gross profit is calculated by...


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